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Accutane not only provides relief from the physical symptoms that can accompany nodular acne, but can secondarily help to overcome many of the emotional issues that may accompany it as well. Self image is one of the most important aspects affecting a person’s confidence, especially among those who are most likely to develop bad cases of acne, teenagers. Severe cases of acne can multiply the feelings of loneliness and isolation that many people at this age are already feeling and lead to any of several disorders such as depression or anxiety. Accutane aids in relieving these conditions by removing the underlying cause, the poor physical appearance of the skin, and allowing those who have been suffering to start feeling better about themselves and recovering their self esteem.

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Accutane has been able to help many people overcome severe acne, but, as with all prescription medication, it does have some side effects that should be considered before its use. The most severe of these side effects is only of concern to women and this is the possibility of birth defects. Pregnant women should not take Accutane and those women who are of childbearing age must take special precautions during the course of treatment. Most doctors recommend that those women use two types of birth control during treatment to ensure that a pregnancy does not take place. The risk of birth defects only exists during treatment so once the Accutane is stopped this side effect is no longer a concern.

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